Discover your birth journey with our Atlanta Doulas.


Our Atlanta Doulas are highly trained in all things related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, including birth support services and childbirth education. Due South Doulas aim to be an important part of your care team working WITH your providers and medical team, not against them. Our goal is for you to be informed, empowered, and supported every step of the way. We respect birth and act professionally in the birth space. It is an honor to join you on your journey.


Atlanta Doula Support

We have been on this journey many times before as doulas and are specifically trained in supporting women through birth both physically and emotionally.      

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Atlanta Childbirth Classes

We are proud to offer Birth Boot Camp childbirth education. From home or birth center classes to hospital birth classes, we will have the perfect class for your birthing situation.


Postpartum Support 

We provide specialized support for families with newborns.  Our postpartum doulas are available day or night to help you with the transition into new parenthood.   

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Atlanta Birth Photography

Birth is just the beginning of a new life joining your family.  Our photography documents your journey together.  The story is never the same, but it is always beautiful.