Birth Doula Support


Your Birth Journey Starts Here

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Maybe you have an idea about what you want your birth and postpartum period to be. Or maybe you have no clue. And maybe everything will change during the process. You have to start somewhere!


I want a medicated birth.

Awesome! Did you know a doula can help you understand the most beneficial time to get an epidural?  We also know positioning techniques to help your baby descend for a vaginal birth. We recommend a comprehensive childbirth education class so you can be informed in your decision making. There are no absolutes or givens in birth so it’s best to be prepared for anything.


I want an unmedicated birth.

Great! A doula is an invaluable tool in helping with pain management and coping techniques. Yet again, a comprehensive childbirth education class will help you be prepared and informed no matter how your birth journey ends up.


I want a hospital birth.

We are trained to work professionally in a hospital setting. Our collaborative care model means we work respectfully with our clients and the medical team.


I want a home or birth center birth.

This situation looks different than a hospital setting but is also a safe and medically supported space. We respect this birth space as well.


I want to breastfeed my baby.

We have resources and personal experiences to share with you. Support is an important aspect to breastfeeding success.


I don’t want to breastfeed my baby.

We support this decision as well. Ask us for formula recommendations or how to help facilitate the end of your milk supply.


As you can see with these few examples, there are many choices to make in this process. We are here to support you in the decisions you make. There are no right or wrong answers. The goal is for informed decision making.