Atlanta Doula Services — Client Testimonials

FANTASTIC!! We took the birth classes and I felt prepared and at ease going into labor. My doula helped me during early labor and active labor in a way that supported and encouraged me, while empowering me and my husband without excluding him at all! She was strength and calm during pushing and visited several times in postpartum. I don’t know what I would have done without her - and my husband feels the same! I tell ALL my friends to use these doulas for a confident, positive birth experience all around! THANK YOU!!
— Lucy D.
Alexa & Julie are my baby fairies! They took care of me from pregnancy to postpartum. They are educated and have the resources for everything! My kids love them too! I wouldn’t use anyone else!!
— Danielle A.
Lauren is great! She’s an amazing, supportive and knowledgeable Birth Boot Camp instructor. In addition to getting chiropractic adjustments throughout my pregnancy, she helped me to be fully equipped to deliver my first child.
— Debbie E.
Alexa Gumm is an exceptional doula!. Her patience, kindness and knowledge guided me through my first (very) long labor. I am forever grateful for her encouragement and support. When my husband and I first checked into the hospital we were filled with anxiety and didn’t know what to expect. However, once Alexa arrived she provided a calming and supportive environment. Also, she was fantastic support for my husband!
— Lauren N.

Christina Hodgen is a great photographer with an excellent eye. She works in a thoroughly non-invasive manner. Christina captured all the ups and downs of labor and delivery, and as a doula herself, provided additional coaching and support. After reviewing the photos she made of our birth (because it is art, capital A) , we were so glad we hired her to capture such an important and momentous event in our family’s life.
— Lauren N.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel wild eyed, lost and scared, and then someone walks into the room and you immediately find peace in knowing you are going to be ok? That is how I felt when I was in labor and my doula, Alexa, walked into the room. Having her as my doula was an invaluable experience and I am so thankful to have had her support. She is the most kind and calming person, but such a strong force when you need her. I have even heard my husband recommending her to friends regularly! I would recommend anyone calling Due South Doulas. You could rest assured that you would be in the best of hands.
— Mary Kate B.

I was hesitant to get a Doula. I had a midwife for the birth already so I just wasn’t sure that I really needed one, and I didn’t want to pay out of my pocket for something that I wouldn’t actually need. Let me just say. I’m so very glad that I had Abby with me during my labor. If she hadn’t been there, it’s very possible that I’d have gotten an epidural again, just like I did with my first delivery. At the very least, my labor would definitely have been much more difficult.
It’s hard for me to sum up everything that Abby did for me. At 41 weeks and 5 days I went in to be induced. Between the cervidal and the pitocin Abby arrived. After Abby showed up, she immediately got me walking to progress labor. She helped me remember to keep drinking water. She would crack jokes occasionally to help lift my spirits, and she’s such a positive person anyhow that I couldn’t really help but be in a good mood during my labor (a good mood considering that I was in labor). She kept me focused on the baby I was getting at the end of my labor, which helped me focus past the back labor I was having. Also very helpful for me, when I was contracting she would make the low sounds that I needed to emulate anytime she noticed my sounds started getting higher pitched (which happened more and more toward the end). Probably most helpful, my husband saw how she was helping me and that showed him how to be more involved, which made my labor much more special. My most important goal was to accomplish a labor and delivery with minimum drugs, and Abby helped ensure that happened. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a birth free from pain meds.
— Abby B
Doula. A woman who gives support, help, and advice to another woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth. That’s what Alexa and Christina do so very well. Support, help, advice only when you ask for it- not unsolicited, humility, and genuine sincerity for your family and you are what you’ll be able to experience. So grateful for how they helped us during Labor, Delivery, Breastfeeding, and how to deal with becoming a new mom by connecting me with other new moms.
— Lindsay R.